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Life Insurance With Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in Canada

Life Insurance With Hodgkin's Lymphoma in Canada
Life Insurance With Hodgkin's Lymphoma in Canada

Receiving a diagnosis of Hodgkin’s lymphoma can be devastating for patients and their families. One of the biggest concerns that arises is obtaining life insurance coverage with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Since Hodgkin’s lymphoma is a serious medical condition, qualifying for affordable life insurance after a diagnosis can be challenging.

This guide provides Canadian patients and families with an in-depth look at how Hodgkin’s lymphoma can impact your life insurance options. We will cover:

  • Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in Canada – Statistics and Survival Rates
  • Impact of a Hodgkin’s Lymphoma History on Life Insurance Eligibility in Canada
  • Available Individual Life Insurance Policy Types
  • Tips to Improve Your Chances of Getting Approved
  • Estimated Costs of Coverage in Canada
  • Alternative Options to Get Coverage
  • The Life Insurance Application Process
  • Disclosing Your Medical History
  • Providing Evidence of Insurability
  • Case Studies of Canadians with Hodgkin’s lymphoma
  • Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

By the end of this guide, Canadian Hodgkin’s lymphoma patients and their families will understand how a history of this disease can impact their life insurance options and the steps that can be taken to improve their chances of getting approved for life insurance with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

Facts of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in Canada

Incidence and Survival Statistics

Hodgkin’s lymphoma accounts for about 0.5% of all cancer cases diagnosed in Canada annually and 15% of all lymphomas diagnosed. Each year in Canada, approximately 1000 people are diagnosed with HL.


The following table outlines the estimated new cases and deaths from Hodgkin’s lymphoma expected in Canada in 2024:

New CasesDeaths

The Canadian Cancer Society estimates that:

650 men will be diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma, and 75 will die from it.
530 women will be diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma, and 40 will die from it.

Hodgkin’s lymphoma primarily impacts young adults and seniors.

The 5-year relative survival rate for Hodgkin’s lymphoma is approximately 85% in Canada. This means that around 85% of patients diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma will survive for at least five years following their diagnosis compared to the general population.

Survival rates can vary substantially depending on the stage at diagnosis:

Stage5-Year Relative Survival Rate
Stage I90%
Stage II90%
Stage III80%
Stage IV65%

When detected and treated early, Hodgkin’s lymphoma is often curable. However, later-stage diagnoses have higher mortality rates.

What Impacts the Eligibility of Life Insurance With Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in Canada

What Impacts the Eligibility of Life Insurance With Hodgkin's Lymphoma in Canada
What Impacts the Eligibility of Life Insurance With Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in Canada

Due to being a form of cancer, having Hodgkin’s lymphoma in your medical history will make it more challenging to qualify for life insurance in Canada.

Insurers classify lymphoma as a high-risk disease, which leads to stricter underwriting practices and higher premium rates compared to applicants without a cancer history.

Some insurers may automatically decline coverage if you have been diagnosed or treated for Hodgkin’s lymphoma within the past five years. Others may offer a policy but with higher premium rates or exclusions for death due to Hodgkin’s lymphoma for a period of time.

According to Hodgkin’s lymphoma patient advocate groups, the following factors often impact life insurance eligibility and premium rates for Canadian Hodgkin’s survivors:

  • Time Since Treatment – The longer the period of time that has passed since you completed treatment, the lower your mortality risk is viewed, and the easier it is to get affordable rates. Waiting at least five years can mean better chances.
  • The stage at Diagnosis – If you were diagnosed at an early localized stage, you are likely to be viewed more favourably than with advanced disease. The early stage indicates treatment was more likely to be successful.
  • Intensity of Treatment – Extensive rounds of inpatient chemotherapy, full-body radiation, or stem cell transplants will often increase your perceived risk vs. limited chemotherapy.
  • Status of Remission – Remaining cancer-free with follow-up testing is vital. Signs the cancer may have returned or any symptoms related to Hodgkin’s lymphoma recurrence will raise concerns.
  • Medical Complications – Side effects and additional illnesses that result from treatments like heart disease, lung problems, or secondary cancers negatively impact your risk assessment.

Insurers look at the full picture of your diagnosis, treatment, and current health when deciding on coverage and premiums. Having supporting medical records from your doctors is important.

While individual consideration is given to each case, the reality is that a history of Hodgkin’s lymphoma does limit and increase the cost of life insurance options in Canada.

Sample Premiums of Life Insurance With Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

To illustrate the potential impact, here are some sample monthly premiums for a $500,000 term life policy for a 40-year-old male non-smoker in Canada:

  • No major pre-existing health conditions: $40/month
  • Hodgkin’s lymphoma, stage 1, in remission over five years: $60/month
  • Recurrent Hodgkin’s lymphoma or advanced stage: $155/month or decline

This demonstrates how, even after a long remission, premiums can be 50% higher or more compared to those without a lymphoma history. Each insurer will assess history and health differently.

Getting multiple quotes helps you find the best rates possible for your unique situation. Having a knowledgeable insurance broker assist you with the application is key.

Types of Life Insurance With Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Available for Hodgkin’s Survivors

If you have been diagnosed and treated for Hodgkin’s lymphoma, several individual life insurance options may be available in Canada:

Term Life Insurance With Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

Term life insurance provides affordable pure death benefit protection for a set period of time, such as 10, 20 or 30 years. It does not have a cash value buildup like permanent policies.

Benefits of term insurance include:

  • Lower premiums than permanent insurance
  • Guaranteed level rates for the length of the term
  • Ability to convert to permanent coverage later
  • Options for renewing coverage after the term expires

For budget-conscious applicants who need temporary coverage, term life is often a suitable choice.

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Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance With Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

Guaranteed issue life insurance does not require a medical questionnaire or exam. As long as you meet the basic eligibility criteria like age and residence, you are guaranteed coverage.

Policy amounts are smaller – usually ranging from $25,000 to $50,000. Premiums are also higher relative to the coverage amount. For Hodgkin’s survivors who may struggle to qualify for policies with medical underwriting, guaranteed issue life insurance can provide a basic amount of protection.

Permanent Life Insurance With Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

Permanent life insurance provides lifelong coverage as long as premiums continue to be paid. It also builds up a cash value that can be borrowed. Two main types of permanent life insurance include:

Whole Life Insurance – Offers guaranteed death benefit, fixed premiums, and cash value growth. Premiums are level for life and more expensive than term insurance.

Universal Life Insurance – Provides flexible premium payments and adjustable death benefits. More affordable permanent options due to investments.

Due to the higher cost, permanent policies may be better suited for Hodgkin’s survivors who need lifelong insurance and can afford higher premiums. Converting a term life policy to permanent insurance is often an option as well.

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Working with an experienced insurance broker can help compare quotes across top Canadian providers to identify the most suitable policy based on your health, finances, and insurance needs.

Tips for Getting Approved for Life Insurance With Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

Tips for Getting Approved for Life Insurance With Hodgkin's Lymphoma
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Tips for Getting Approved for Life Insurance With Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

Given the increased risk associated with a history of Hodgkin’s lymphoma, getting approved for individual life insurance at reasonable rates can be challenging.

Here are some tips from Canadian insurance experts on improving your chances of qualifying for coverage with Hodgkin’s lymphoma history:

  • Allow sufficient time to pass after treatments : Insurers are highly sensitive to how recent cancer treatments were. Waiting a minimum of 2 years, but ideally 5+ years, can really improve outcomes.
  • Maintain follow-up testing : Having continued monitoring that shows you are cancer-free and in remission is vital. Discuss optimal frequency with your oncologist.
  • Acquire doctor letters : Having a report from your oncologist explaining your prognosis, health status, and outlook can help greatly.
  • Shop policies from multiple insurers : Each company has a different risk appetite. Working with a broker allows you to compare quotes.
  • Consider a “simplified” no-medical exam application : The initial underwriting may be more lenient and approvable before full medical requirements are ordered.
  • Look into group life insurance : Coverage through your employer may offer better rates due to less stringent underwriting.
  • Improve overall health where possible : Lowering risk factors like weight, cholesterol, and blood pressure through lifestyle changes helps offset the added lymphoma risk.
  • Avoid applying immediately after initial diagnosis : Waiting until after initial treatment is completed and remission is established can mean better prospects.

With preparation, due diligence, and patience, Canadians with Hodgkin’s lymphoma history can improve their chances of securing individual life insurance to protect loved ones.

Estimated Costs of Life Insurance With Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

Due to the added risk, monthly premiums for life insurance will be higher for Hodgkin’s lymphoma survivors compared to healthy applicants. Costs vary substantially based on:

  • Age – Younger survivors have higher premiums due to longer expected coverage periods.
  • Coverage Amount – Higher benefit amounts mean larger premiums.
  • Policy Type – Permanent insurance is more expensive than term life.
  • Insurer – Each company calculates risk and sets rates differently.
  • Time in remission – The longer cancer-free, the more affordable premiums become.

As examples, here are estimated monthly costs for a $500,000 policy for a 40-year Canadian male with Hodgkin’s lymphoma history:

  • 10-year term, in remission two years – $110/month
  • 20-year term, in remission 5+ years – $70/month
  • Whole life policy, in remission 7+ years – $250/month

A broker can provide quotes tailored to your specific age, health status, and coverage needs. Expect to pay higher premiums than applicants without a lymphoma history.

Alternative Options for Life Insurance With Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

Beyond traditional policies from life insurance companies, those with a Hodgkin’s lymphoma history may consider alternative forms of coverage, including:

  • Group life insurance – Many employer and association group plans offer guaranteed amounts without underwriting or with simplified health questionnaires. Portability to private plans may also be an option if you change jobs.
  • Mortgage/creditor life insurance – Some banks and lenders offer bundled term life insurance policies along with mortgage and debt products. Provides basic coverage for outstanding loan balances.
  • Final expense insurance – Small guaranteed issue policies meant to cover burial and final illness costs. Maximum benefits are usually $25,000 or less.
  • Self-insuring – Setting aside dedicated savings or building an investment fund earmarked to provide income replacement in case of your death.

For Hodgkin’s patients struggling to get traditional coverage, these options can provide alternative forms of protection and financial safety nets for family members.

The Application Process Life Insurance With Hodgkin’s Lymphoma History in Canada

The Application Process Life Insurance With Hodgkin's Lymphoma History in Canada
The Application Process Life Insurance With Hodgkin’s Lymphoma History in Canada

If going the traditional individual life insurance route, understanding the application process is key for Canadians with Hodgkin’s lymphoma history.

Disclosing Your Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Medical History

It is absolutely vital to fully disclose your Hodgkin’s lymphoma diagnosis, treatments, and current status on the life insurance application. Failing to disclose cancer history could potentially allow the insurer to deny a claim later on.

Be prepared to provide details including:

  • Date you were first diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma
  • The stage of your Hodgkin’s lymphoma at diagnosis
  • All treatments you have undergone, including chemodrugs, radiation therapies, surgeries, etc.
  • The dates you started and ended each treatment
  • Hospital names and attending oncologists were treated
  • How you have responded to treatment so far
  • Whether your Hodgkin’s lymphoma is in remission
  • Details of any signs of recurrence or ongoing symptoms
  • How often do you receive follow-up exams and scanning
  • Any additional health issues that resulted from treatments

Giving complete details upfront allows insurers to accurately evaluate your health history and risk profile.

Providing Evidence of Insurability Documentation

In addition to disclosing medical history on the application, life insurers will request supplementary documentation related to your Hodgkin’s lymphoma, including:

  • Attending Physician Statements (APS) – Have your oncologist and family doctor fill out detailed APS forms provided by the insurer. This allows the insurer’s underwriters to get a full picture of diagnosis, treatment, response, prognosis and follow-up directly from your physicians.
  • Medical Records – Insurers will request full medical records related to your Hodgkin’s diagnosis and treatment. This often includes pathology reports, operation notes, discharge summaries, and consultation reports with oncologists and hematologists. Signing a release of medical information form allows insurers to get records directly from their healthcare providers.
  • Follow-Up Exam/Testing Results – Having continued follow-up testing at regular intervals is important while in remission. Share copies of follow-up bloodwork, imaging study results, scans, biopsies or other tests showing your current status.

Promptly providing detailed medical evidence enables underwriters to gain a clear understanding of your health and properly assess risk. This maximizes your chance of approval.

Additional Requirements

Beyond medical history and records, insurers may require additional documentation depending on your situation:

  • Paramedical Exam – A paramed exam at your home checks vitals like height, weight, pulse, and blood pressure. Basic blood and urine samples may be taken. Ordered for higher amounts of coverage.
  • Financial Documents – If seeking over $1 million in coverage, financial documentation proving total income and net worth may be required to justify the large policy amount.
  • Lifestyle Questionnaires – Forms with questions related to potential risks like family history, driving history, alcohol use, tobacco use, drug use, or aviation hobbies may be required.

Your insurance broker can inform you of any additional requirements the insurer needs to complete underwriting and make a final decision on your application.

Pros and Cons of Life Insurance with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

Getting life insurance after being diagnosed and treated for Hodgkin’s lymphoma has both advantages and potential drawbacks to consider:


  • Provides a death benefit to help protect loved ones financially if you pass away prematurely
  • Peace of mind knowing your family has funds to cover expenses, debts, mortgages, and daily needs
  • Ability to cover estate taxes and final costs so family avoids paying out-of-pocket
  • Potential to leave an inheritance or legacy for causes and people important to you
  • Tax-advantaged way to pass on wealth to heirs compared to leaving uninsured assets

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  • Higher premium costs due to increased mortality risk compared to healthy applicants
  • Potential for lower maximum coverage amounts approved
  • Possibility of exclusions on coverage for death due to Hodgkin’s recurrence or treatment side effects
  • Authorization is required to access full medical records related to your Hodgkin’s history
  • A more difficult underwriting process requiring patience and persistence

For most Hodgkin’s survivors, the significant pros of securing life insurance outweigh the cons of higher costs and inconvenient processes.

Where to Buy Life Insurance With Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

There are several options to explore when purchasing life insurance after Hodgkin’s lymphoma:

  • Insurance brokers – Brokers have access to policies from Canada’s top insurers. They can compare quotes across multiple providers to find you the best rate based on your health profile. Often the best option.
  • Advisors – Financial advisors may sell life insurance policies as part of their practice. Some are licensed brokers with broad access as well.
  • Banks – Many large banks in Canada offer life insurance and have specialized advisors and brokers: RBC Insurance , Desjardins, and BMO
  • Credit unions – Local credit unions often provide access to life insurance through brokerage partners.
  • Online insurance – Websites like Insurance Direct Canada IDC allow you to get quotes and apply digitally. Limited to their own products.
  • Direct insurers – You can apply directly with life insurance companies in Canada like Sun Life, Canada Life, and Manulife. Limited to their own products.

Working with an independent broker typically gives you the most options to find coverage at a competitive rate after overcoming the challenge of a Hodgkin’s diagnosis.

Case Studies: Securing Life Insurance With Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in Canada

To understand the full picture, let’s examine real-life examples of Canadian Hodgkin’s survivors and how a lymphoma history impacted their life insurance applications:

Olivia, Age 29 – Diagnosed With Stage I Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, Age 27

Olivia was diagnosed with early-stage I Hodgkin’s lymphoma at age 27 after noticing enlarging lymph nodes in her neck. She underwent six cycles of ABVD chemotherapy and achieved remission.

Two years later, when applying for life insurance at age 29, Olivia fully disclosed her Hodgkin’s history, provided all medical records, and submitted a letter from her oncologist confirming she had no signs of lymphoma and continued to be monitored with PET scans every six months.

Given her young age, early-stage diagnosis, and short remission period so far, Olivia was offered a 10-year $500,000 term life policy at a monthly premium of $110, roughly 2.5X higher than with a clean bill of health.

David, Age 52 – Diagnosed With Stage III Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Age 48

At age 48, David was diagnosed with more advanced stage III Hodgkin’s lymphoma after feeling fatigued and noticing extensive lymph node swelling. He underwent six cycles of BEACOPP chemo plus radiation therapy before achieving remission.

When applying for life insurance at age 52, just 18 months after finishing treatment, David struggled to find affordable coverage. Most insurers declined coverage or quoted premiums 3 to 5 times higher than for healthy applicants.

Given the recent treatments and the short period since completing therapy, insurers still perceived David’s mortality risk to be quite high. However, after waiting several more years in remission, David’s premiums declined to more reasonable levels.

Alicia, Age 44 – Recurrent Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, Now Age 50

Alicia was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma at age 40 and treated with ABVD chemotherapy, achieving remission. Unfortunately, at age 44, she relapsed with a recurrence of her Hodgkin’s disease.

Given the high risk of mortality with recurrent lymphoma, most insurers automatically declined Alicia’s application for life insurance at age 50 after again undergoing second-line chemotherapy.

Due to her ongoing battles with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, Alicia had difficulty finding affordable life insurance in Canada. She ultimately opted for a small guaranteed issue policy to at least provide basic final expense protection.

These examples illustrate how factors like age, stage at diagnosis, treatments undergone, and length of disease-free remission all impact an insurer’s decision when underwriting life insurance applications from Hodgkin’s survivors.

Many other diseases, such as Thyroid Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Breast Cancer, Ovarian Cancer, Crohn’s Disease, and Hepatitis… can have a considerable influence on your qualification for life insurance coverage. Refer to these informative articles for details on how to buy life insurance with pre-existing conditions:


The experience of shopping for life insurance is significantly more challenging for Canadians with a Hodgkin’s lymphoma history, given the increased mortality risk perception. However, with a methodical approach and perseverance, securing coverage is possible in most cases.

Being patient, allowing sufficient time to pass after completing treatment, and establishing disease-free remission status is key. Maintaining close follow-up care with your oncology team and having comprehensive medical records available to share with insurers also helps your case significantly.

While shopping for life insurance with Hodgkin’s lymphoma history often necessitates compromising on premium costs, exclusions, and other policy limitations, gaining coverage remains critical for both financial and peace of mind purposes.

Canadians battling or recovering from Hodgkin’s lymphoma who take the time to understand the impacts it can have on life insurance eligibility put themselves in a strong position to ultimately gain the coverage they require.

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma and need guidance on obtaining life insurance coverage, the licensed advisors at Lifebuzz are here to help. Contact us today to receive a free consultation and insurance policy review. Our experienced team will provide recommendations tailored to your health history and financial needs, giving you peace of mind during this challenging time. Get in touch now by visiting Life Buzz.

Frequently Asked Questions About Life Insurance With Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

What if my cancer comes back after getting life insurance with Hodgkin's lymphoma history?

Inform your insurer immediately if your Hodgkin's lymphoma returns post-treatment after already being approved for coverage. They may re-evaluate your policy terms, adjust premiums, or add exclusions for death due to recurrence.

Will I get rated for life insurance with Hodgkin's lymphoma for my specific type/stage of Hodgkin's?

Not necessarily. Insurers look at your overall picture - the stage, your response to treatment, time in remission, and current health. Your rating and premiums are based on their total perceived risk, not just the initial cancer details.

Can I convert existing life insurance to a new policy after being diagnosed and needing life insurance with Hodgkin's lymphoma?

Yes, many term life policies include an option to convert to a permanent life policy in the future without additional medical underwriting. This can provide a way to keep life insurance with Hodgkin's lymphoma after a Hodgkin's diagnosis.

Does employer group life insurance offer better rates for those needing life insurance with Hodgkin's lymphoma?

Sometimes, group life coverage through an employer has more lenient underwriting, as it focuses on benefit retention rather than risk assessment. This can occasionally lead to better rates for life insurance with Hodgkin's lymphoma.

What medical tests are needed when applying for life insurance with Hodgkin's lymphoma?

Insurers will request full medical records related to the diagnosis and treatment of Hodgkin's lymphoma. Attending physician statements, pathology reports, and recent bloodwork showing remission are commonly required for life insurance with Hodgkin's lymphoma.

How do I find the best life insurance broker to work with for life insurance with Hodgkin's lymphoma?

Look for an independent broker that specifically mentions experience with high-risk cases and assisting clients with health conditions seeking life insurance with Hodgkin's lymphoma. Check reviews and testimonials from other clients as well.

What is the difference between whole life and term life insurance for Hodgkin's survivors needing life insurance with Hodgkin's lymphoma?

Whole life provides lifetime coverage but costs more for life insurance with Hodgkin's lymphoma. Term life offers more affordable temporary coverage. Get quotes from an insurer to compare policy costs based on age and risk ratings.

How much higher are life insurance with Hodgkin's lymphoma rates for Hodgkin's survivors compared to healthy applicants?

Depending on health history, rates for life insurance with Hodgkin's lymphoma can be 25-50% higher for 10-year terms, 50-100% higher for 20-year terms, and 2-5 times higher for permanent life insurance after Hodgkin's.

Can I appeal a denial for life insurance with Hodgkin's lymphoma?

Yes, you can request a re-review of a denial for life insurance with Hodgkin's lymphoma. Your broker can provide additional medical evidence of your good health and prolonged remission. In some cases, this persuades the insurer to reconsider approval.

Will relapse or recurrence of my Hodgkin's lymphoma cancel my life insurance with Hodgkin's lymphoma policy?

The insurer may re-evaluate and adjust policy terms if Hodgkin's returns after getting life insurance with Hodgkin's lymphoma approval, but cancellation is unlikely. It's crucial to inform the insurer of any changes to health or remission status.

Will my life insurance with Hodgkin's lymphoma cover death from heart disease or another side effect caused by Hodgkin's lymphoma treatment?

Most life insurance with Hodgkin's lymphoma policies does not exclude coverage for death due to Hodgkin's lymphoma treatment side effects after the standard two-year contestability period. The cause of death does not necessarily impact the death benefit payment.

Can I withdraw tax-free cash value from permanent life insurance with Hodgkin's lymphoma policy if I have Hodgkin's history?

Yes, the tax-free compounding cash value accumulation and tax-advantaged withdrawals can still provide benefits to permanent life insurance with Hodgkin's lymphoma policies, even when premiums are higher due to health conditions.

What is the best way to find an accurate quote for life insurance with Hodgkin's lymphoma with a history of Hodgkin's lymphoma?

Work with a broker and share your full Hodgkin's lymphoma medical records and treatment history upfront when seeking life insurance with Hodgkin's lymphoma. Avoid "instant quote" gimmicks. This allows the most accurate rating specific to your health profile from the start.

How do I determine the right amount of life insurance with Hodgkin's lymphoma needed as a Hodgkin's survivor?

Consider final expenses, debts, income replacement for dependents, children's education, and other financial obligations when determining needed coverage for life insurance with Hodgkin's lymphoma. A broker can guide you on appropriate amounts based on finances and health risk factors.

Can I appeal an unfair rating or exclusion for life insurance with Hodgkin's lymphoma, given my health status?

Yes, your broker can request a re-assessment of your rating class or exclusion for life insurance with Hodgkin's lymphoma based on supporting medical evidence. In some cases, providing additional doctor letters or test results demonstrating sustained remission and health can persuade the insurer to improve terms.

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