Life Insurance for Smokers in Canada – Everything You Need to Know

Life Insurance for Smokers in Canada everything you want to know of
Life Insurance for Smokers in Canada everything you want to know of

Life insurance for smokers in Canada example : Smoking cigarettes or using other tobacco products can significantly impact your life insurance options and premiums in Canada.

With smoking rates declining but still 15% of Canadians identifying as smokers, many wonder how their habit affects applying for and securing affordable life insurance coverage.

This comprehensive guide will explore how smoking can impact your life insurance prospects, steps you can take to secure more favourable rates and provide tips for finding the best life insurance policy for smokers in Canada.

How Smoking Affects Life Insurance Rates

Smoking is one of the most significant risk factors when determining your life insurance premiums. Here’s an overview of how smoking can impact the cost of your life insurance:

  • Higher Premiums – Smokers can expect to pay significantly higher monthly or annual premiums for the same life insurance coverage as non-smokers, often 50-100% more. This accounts for the increased health risks.
  • Type of Tobacco Product – Occasional cigarette or cigar smokers may qualify for slightly lower rates than frequent, daily smokers. Other products like vaping e-cigarettes or chewing tobacco also increase premiums.
  • Packs Per Day – Heavy smokers (1+ pack a day) will be charged higher premiums than light (less than 1/2 pack a day) or social smokers. The frequency and severity of tobacco use is assessed.
  • Years Smoked – Long-time smokers tend to see higher rates than those who have only picked up the habit recently. Over 10+ years of smoking leads to the highest premium costs.
  • Pre-existing Conditions – Applicants who smoke and have other health issues like high blood pressure or cholesterol will be compoundly rated and see high premiums.

In general, smokers applying for individual life insurance should expect to pay between 1.5 to 2 times (or more) the premium rates of comparable non-smoking policyholders. This accounts for the increased statistical risk of earlier mortality. is the leading life insurance newspaper in Canada to provides news, trends, insights and knowledge in life insurance industry for Canadian.

Disclosing Your Smoking Habits

When applying for life insurance in Canada , it is vital to disclose any nicotine or tobacco use truthfully. Failing to do so constitutes fraud and can cause your policy to be voided later.

Insurers will specifically ask about the following:

  • If you currently smoke cigarettes, cigars, pipe, or use other tobacco products
  • How frequently do you use these products, such as daily, weekly, or socially
  • When you started and quit smoking, if applicable

Usually, a section asks, “Do you smoke or use nicotine products?” where you must answer honestly.

Disclosing your smoking truthfully, even if it raises your rates, is always the proper action. The consequences of lying or obscuring your tobacco use could be denial of death benefits to your family later.

Smoking Cessation and Quitting Timelines

The good news for life insurance for smokers is that quitting, even for a relatively short period, can substantially reduce your insurance rates. Here’s how:

  • After 1 Year – Most insurers will reduce premiums somewhat after one year of smoke-free.
  • After 3-5 Years – Within this “quiet period”, premium reductions are dramatic – often approaching non-smoker rates.
  • At 5+ Years – Once you have abstained from smoking for over five years, you generally qualify for non-smoker preferred rates.

It’s essential to know these timelines when shopping for life insurance. Even if you quit pretty recently, the savings versus an active smoker are substantial.

Always disclose any previous tobacco use if you’ve quit within the past five years. Lying about your non-smoker status could still jeopardize a policy. But do emphasize the duration since you quit smoking.

Types of Life Insurance Policies for Smokers in Canada

Life Insurance for Smokers can purchase most standard types of life insurance, but some policies are more optimal, given higher premiums. Standard policies well-suited for smokers include:

Term Life Insurance – Provides affordable pure death benefit protection for 10, 20 or 30 years. Pure protection policies like term insurance are economical for higher-risk groups like smokers.

Guaranteed Issue – For older smokers or those with health issues, guaranteed issue life insurance offers simplified underwriting with no medical exam but low coverage amounts.

Group Life Insurance – Group or employee-sponsored group life insurance often has simplified underwriting and does not require lab tests or exams. This can provide cost-effective coverage for smokers.

Funeral Insurance – Small benefit funeral or final expense insurance ($10,000 or less) may be an option for higher-risk seniors to cover final costs. Minimal underwriting and no medical exams make this feasible.

Permanent Life Insurance – Whole life insurance and universal life insurance offers lifetime coverage and a savings/investment component but carries higher premiums. Smokers may benefit from a permanent life/term life combo plan.

The key is understanding your budget, timeline, and amount of coverage needed. Simplified issues and group policies make obtaining coverage more realistic for tobacco users.

Strategies to Lower Premiums as a Life insurance for Smokers

While smokers should expect to pay higher premiums, there are still several strategies to lower policy costs:

  • Opt For Longer Terms – Choosing a 20 or 30-year term policy costs less per year than a 10-year policy with the same death benefit.
  • Increase Your Deductible – Choosing a higher deductible before cash values accumulate can reduce premiums on permanent life insurance.
  • Pay Annually vs. Monthly – Paying premiums annually rather than monthly saves on policy fees and can lower overall costs.
  • Buy When You’re Younger – Life insurance rates rise as you age, so purchasing coverage in your 30s or 40s or life insurance at 50s provides long-term savings.
  • Improve Your Health – Quitting smoking, lowering your BMI, and improving health metrics like cholesterol can reduce premiums.
  • Comparison Shop – Get quotes from at least 5-10 different life insurers to find the lowest rates for your situation. Leverage online quote tools.

While costs are still elevated, utilizing these tips carefully can help smokers obtain affordable coverage.

Frequently Asked Questions About Life insurance for smokers in Canada

Will quitting smoking help lower life insurance rates?

Yes, quitting smoking can dramatically reduce your life insurance premiums over time. Most insurers offer non-smoker rates after five years of abstaining from tobacco. Even quitting for 1-3 years can result in notable rate drops. Always disclose if you recently quit smoking.

How soon after quitting smoking can I get non-smoker rates?

You typically need to have abstained from tobacco for 5+ years before qualifying for non-smoker-preferred premium rates. However, some reductions may apply after 1-3 years of smoke-free. Disclose any quitting within the past five years.

Can nicotine gum or vaping be considered as smoking for insurance rate purposes?

Any ingestion or use of nicotine products must be disclosed when applying for life insurance. This includes vaping, e-cigarettes, nicotine gum/patches, smokeless tobacco, cigars, etc. These will raise rates similarly to cigarette smoking, depending on frequency.

Should I lie about smoking to get lower insurance premiums?

No, it would be best never to lay or conceal your smoking habits when applying for life insurance. Doing so is considered fraud and can lead to a denied claim and voided policy later. Always truthfully disclose any tobacco use.

What types of life insurance are best for smokers?

Simplified issue term life insurance, group life insurance, and guaranteed issue policies offer more feasible coverage options for tobacco users. Depending on your needs and budget, permanent life/term combinations make sense.

Finding the Best Life Insurance for Smokers in Canada

While shopping for life insurance as a smoker involves some additional steps, finding affordable coverage is still very possible if you follow our tips:

  • Shop Early – Apply for coverage well before you need it, as rates rise significantly after age 50. Obtain quotes in your 30s or 40s.
  • Disclose Smoking Status – Being upfront about tobacco use is critical so insurers can rate based on risk accurately.
  • Emphasize Any Quit Time – If you’ve recently quit tobacco, highlight this to every prospective insurer to maximize savings.
  • Compare Quotes – Being a savvy shopper and getting 10+ quotes makes finding the lowest premium easier. Leverage online comparison tools.
  • Consider Group or Simplified Policies – If budget is a significant factor, these streamlined policies can offer an affordable starting point.
  • Work on Wellness – Incremental steps like losing weight, lowering blood pressure, or quitting smoking may earn preferred ratings over time.

The bottom line? While premiums are higher, life insurance remains accessible for smokers who use intelligent shopping strategies and comparison shops. Protecting family is still affordable and possible. Use this guide to demystify the process and secure the best rates possible.

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